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Developing Strategy

We will develop strategies to optimize your website through our WordPress Seo services which will naturally improve the ranking position on Google.

Innovative Ideas

We come up with innovative ideas which make your website stand out of the box and better conquer the majority of reader attention.

Need Consultation!


We Provide SEO Technical Audit Service

To track down the factors that impact your search rankings will probably take you ages if you do it manually. We excel in SEO Technical Audit Services that can do that task for you in a jiffy.

Not sure? Try a free consultancy session offered by our Experts.


You Can Know Exactly Where to Start From

Let pass all those clouds of uncertainty behind you as we get to the crux of issues that causes your website to never enter the top search ranks. The step to take first is evident then. You know:

affordable local seo services
website seo audit services

Our Website SEO Audit Services


Optimus Clicks has an entirely different department for Website SEO Audit Services. The department incorporates a team of qualified professionals & experts who have top-notch experience & knowledge conducting SEO Audits for abundant websites & organizations. With our team of experts, you can rest assured that all of the loopholes & hindrances will be surely discovered that are restricting your website from reaching its optimum potential.

Our services include getting to the gist of the problem & then actually solving them & speaking through our results. With the complete backstory & all of the possible loopholes that affect your site’s performance, we can devise a strategic plan that works best for you. With that said, Optimus Clicks will assist you in locating your ideal customers & generate traffic mostly through organic search results. After finding the website’s errors, we know in which area to focus on which will result in making your website SEO optimized & Google search engine friendly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An SEO Audit and Why You Needs It?

A Search Engine Optimization Audit is defined as a complete inspection & scanning of a website. It includes knowing all the components the website is made of, the features it contains, the possible loopholes it has, the level of SEO it holds, & much more.

SEO Audit should be your first step if you want to take your website to the brink of Search Engine Optimization. it tells you about the current position of your website & its status in relation to Google’s search ranking policies. An SEO Audit should be a requirement for all websites that are performing below par. Optimus Clicks hires expert Auditors that conduct the SEO Audits of our clients’ websites. We delve into each & every detail, extricating all the possible hindrances, loopholes, & lacking that your website has. according to the SEO Audit report, we devise our strategy of what would work for your best in order to achieve complete Search Engine Optimization.

What Is A Technical Audit? What Does It Contain?

An SEO Technical Audit Service is a much more diverse branch of an SEO Audit, as it is mainly concerned with the technical aspect of a website. It requires much more attention to detail & is best conducted by an SEO Expert. Optimus Clicks always provides top-notch quality services through our team of professional personnel. Our goals regarding a Technical Audit are such that we aim to make sure that the content of your website is completely visible to your users.

Similarly, we set up your analytics & tracking set up for better viewer data collection. An essential part of a Technical Audit is to look out for the mobile-friendliness of your website. As the world today is becoming more advanced, most websites are browsed through mobile phones, hence, optimization of the content according to the device is an important factor.

When Do You Require Website SEO Audit Services

The time to act is now. The moment you realize a drop in optimum results you previously got with your website or if you never achieved the top effectiveness, An SEO Audit is a must. Optimus Clicks believes in getting the work done in the most professional manner possible, getting the closest to perfection. Our Website SEO Audit Services are designed to operate straight away, working to find the cause of the problem. We strongly affirm that solving a problem in its initial stages is fruitful for everyone.

It can save you from expensive repairs & simultaneously save our time spent on a project. Efficiency & effectiveness has been our motto ever since & will continue to be till the day we provide quality services.