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Developing Strategy

We will develop strategies to optimize your website through our WordPress Seo services which will naturally improve the ranking position on Google.

Innovative Ideas

We come up with innovative ideas which make your website stand out of the box and better conquer the majority of reader attention.

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Off Page SEO Services

Off-Page Optimization Company Providing 100% Results

We know want type of content a search engine needs that can result in higher search rankings. With the use of modern techniques and strategies, we aim to offer you:

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Quality White Hat Strategies to Use

There are a few techniques that a majority of companies use ignoring the vastness of this area. Optimus Clicks dives into it completely devising pure white hat strategies that work for our clients perfectly. They include:

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Off Page Optimization Company

Why Choose Our Off-Page Optimization Company?

At this stage, we better understand that only claiming to be the best & saying to provide ethical practices is not enough to earn trust. Hence, Optimus Clicks has crafted a better strategy in order to earn our clients’ trust & credibility. With us, you get a free consultancy plan & feedback from reputable search engines regarding the authenticity of your website. This implies that the Off-Page SEO Services on your website is purely White Hat.

Our process includes link building for the websites of our clients which proves to be the most significant building block for improving SEO. This process results in the increased authority of your website. Furthermore, content marketing is an important aspect to cater to increased organic visitors from your website. With the uniqueness of your products & services, & the expertise of our skillful workforce we guarantee to provide you with an improved number of visitors & a better bounce rate for your website.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Off-Page SEO?


The name gives a rough idea of what it’s supposed to be. This optimizing & ranking element is not restricted to your website pages & structure, it goes as far as to implement the SEO protocols on Off-Page. With our Off-Page SEO Services, we can tell Google exactly why your website deserves to be in their top search results.

Optimus Clicks does this by improving the Off-Page content & all those crucial elements which have very little to do with your actual website, hence, it is a challenging task at hand. It is an extremely important area to focus on because it is directly related to your site’s credibility.

For you to rank on the top search results of Google, we earn their trust & integrity. Hence, Optimus Clicks works on the back end of your website while you can focus on engaging visitors & turning them into fruitful customers.

Difference between White Hat & Black Hat Practices


To understand how Off-Page SEO Services work, it is important to uncover two of the most important factors of it.

White Hat SEO is the ethical way that an Off-Page Optimization Company is supposed to choose. An optimization process has to follow certain guidelines devised by search engines. Upon following those guidelines accurately, your chances of getting ranked above others rise quite drastically. Optimus Clicks uses Off-Page Optimization using White Hat practices & focuses entirely on a human audience & their user experience. We increase the quality of your content & improve page load times reflects in improving the value-driven audience that we accomplish through our team.

Black Hat SEO on the other hand is the exact opposite of what we discussed above. These are grim practices focusing on quick gains are termed Black Hat strategies. It clearly violates the guidelines laid by Google & other reputable search engines. It is a deceptive approach with an attempt to mask the unethical practices from Google by drawing curtains over it.

It is an ocean of manipulative practices that seem very promising at first but lead to complete destruction in the long run. Unfortunately, quick gains & immediate success sells like hotcakes, but one should understand the repercussions of such practices. The moment Google learns the reality of a website that uses Black Hat SEO, it is turned down & all of its existing viewers are taken away. This dark cloud stays forever with the website, completely ruining its reputation in the eyes of search engines. Optimus Clicks never uses any of these Black Hat strategies.

Call Optimus Clicks now & understand clearly how our team operates to provide you with services worth your time & money.


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