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Developing Strategy

We will develop strategies to optimize your website through our WordPress Seo services which will naturally improve the ranking position on Google.

Innovative Ideas

We come up with innovative ideas which make your website stand out of the box and better conquer the majority of reader attention.

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Your Best Local SEO Business Solution

Our Local SEO can help boost your primarily local business that is present in a physical location. It is an all-in solution to upsurge reach. We take full advantage of Google applications by:

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Local Search Engine Optimization With 100% Results

After the successful implementation of our Local SEO services into your business, there are a ton of fruitful results you will be able to achieve. These results are:

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What is Local Search Engine Optimization?


As Google becomes the most used search engine, businesses are focused on taking advantage of it to get themselves found by their desired audience.

Our affordable Local SEO Services focus on a certain geographical area around your business. This is the place from where most of your customers can easily reach you. If you own a brick-and-mortar store and wish to have more customers on board, Optimus Clicks is your best option. We research through our advanced methods all the relevant keywords that are searched in your vicinity. By effectively positioning local SEO services with the use of those keywords, your potential customers will easily find your business through Google. It is our task to track down the most used keywords related to your business that people search on Google. If you primarily own an offline store, our affordable Local SEO Services can help your business attract potential customers near you. Even if you do not own an offline store, our Local SEO strategies will help you attract local visitors to your website.

Now to learn what Local SEO is all about, consider an example. Imagine that you are at your friend’s place & you guys decide to order something to eat. You open Google & search for “Chinese food”. As a result, several Chinese food delivery restaurants show up on the page that is limited to the area of your friend’s house. Now, for example, you searched for “Chinese food” at your home, you will get a list of restaurants close to your homeplace.

Google uses your location to give your search results based on it. This feature is even used to identify local businesses near the person for which he/her searches. It is our job to attract the local public towards your business by the use of effective strategies and techniques.

How Do We Make It Work For You?


We effectively use Google tools such as Google My Business and Google Maps for the advantage of your business. We list your business on Google through Google My Business. This results in your business being a part of Google and makes it possible to attract local customers to your page. As a Local SEO Marketing Company, Optimus Clicks offers our clients, a local keyword research service. With it, we track down all the potential keywords a buyer in your vicinity chooses & uses often. Upon integrating these local keywords into your content, your website ends up on Google’s top search results whenever a person searches using those keywords.

We provide affordable Local SEO Services & make the best out of them by conducting a website audit primarily. With a detailed audit & competitor analysis, we extricate a list of the most effective strategies to integrate Local SEO into your website. A personalized audit helps us in knowing exactly what your website lacks that can be compensated by a local SEO. 

Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier that Google ranks its results based on relevance, prominence, & other factors off & on the website. Our affordable Local SEO Services integrate all these factors into your content making it one of the most relevant search results for a variety of searches. Also, with the best use of our strategy, your business will be ranked as a significant one having products & services that customers readily look for. Hence, if you own a local business & want to increase visitors to your physical shop, try the wide range of Local SEO services offered by Optimus Clicks that will help you reach more target customers & an increase in sales. You can always try a free consultancy program offered by us for more clarity of our services.


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